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squirrelYou know the commercial where the dog is talking and all of a sudden his head does a 360 and he says “squirrel” …..

This can happen to us in business all the time.  It’s the latest and greatest next thing to try, to do, to learn.  It’s what we turn to when we are not getting the results we want fast enough.  Here is the truth…the results you want are typically not far off, you just gave up too soon and moved on to the next thing.

Ask yourself, “What are the three things that if you did them every day for 30 days you could grow your business?”  These are revenue generating activities.  These are the actions that are directly related to your bottom line.  These are the actions that most of us are fearful of, and we put at the end of the list instead of the beginning of the list.

Being busy and being productive are two very different things.

What can you do today that will directly affect your bottom line?  How can you adjust your calendar so this is your number one focus for the next 30 days?

Let me know how it works out for you!

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