June 15, 2017 Accounting, Belief, Clarity, Commitment, Confidence, Finances

Sometimes New Things Hurt

I went kayaking today for the first time in my life – on the ocean!  Kayaking is a big activity in Montana and I have never tried it for a number of reasons so when I had the opportunity to go with a group of amazing entrepreneurs I took it.

There were a number of things that I was hoping would not happen and of course they all did.  We were totally soaked in the first 5 minutes and yes eventually we tipped over.  We were in a double kayak so that meant two of us were in the water.

We were pretty far from the beach at that point so it proved challenging to get back in the boat as my buddy and I were both newbies to this activity and not in the physical shape that would have been helpful ☺

Two swimmers came to the rescue.  They made it fun and they knew just the right tricks that brought us success.  Then they swam away saying they were happy to do their good deed for the day.

As I reflect back on the experience I am grateful to the two good Samaritans who helped us out.  Receiving is often a difficult thing for those of us who are independent entrepreneurs.   What made this exchange successful was we were willing to receive their help and they knew what to do.

I find the same is true when we are working with our clients.  Those who are truly willing to step into new activities with money, with our guidance, get the results they are looking for.  Sometimes it takes going through some things that are not what you want, just like us being soaked with the first wave, and swimming when we would have preferred to be in the boat.  In the end, achieving your goals is what makes it all worthwhile.

As I reflect back on the day, my shoulder muscles letting me know I did something different today, I am remembering how beautiful it was being on the water, watching the sea lions play beside us and laughing with like minded people.  I feel happy and content.  That is what I want for you as you step into a new level of growth with money.  Yes there will be new muscles you use and I will be right there beside you with the knowledge to keep you on track for your goals.

Let’s talk and see if we are a good fit.


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