January 8, 2014 Abundance, Coaching, Confidence, Create, goals

Something New!

Something New!

We have all heard the saying that to get something new you have to do something new.  Sounds easy right?  The truth is statistically most of us will not be able to achieve the change on our own. Especially women, we like to do things in community.

It is for this reason that so many of us hire a coach.  An outside set of eyes and ears, a different set of life experiences, an expertise in an area we don’t have yet are what a coach can bring to the table for us.

A coach is someone who teaches you how to fish so eventually you can do these new things on your own with confidence and creativity.  I am truly looking forward to working with my coach again this year.  Knowing that I have someone in my corner with me, asking me questions and planting new seeds so that I can truly achieve the goals that I have for 2014 is exciting.

Hope is what brings the excitement.  Visualizing what it is I am creating, how I will be of service to others, how my loved ones will benefit, how my team will benefit keeps the excitement alive.  Doing new things is what will bring it all about.

It is the doing new things that is where most of us get tripped up.  We are not aware that either we aren’t doing them or that we are limited in how we are doing them.  If we could do this on our own we would already have it done.

What new things are you hoping for in 2014?  Leave me a comment I would love to hear!

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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