September 9, 2021 Dreams, Generosity, Money, Plan

Someday I Will

Someday when…

Is philanthropy something on your list to do… someday?

Or maybe your dream is “I’ll take that amazing vacation… someday”.

I know for myself, I had created a list of parameters of what it looked like to be philanthropic or to take time off or…  This list of course dictated that I would do these things… someday. Someday when I had met the parameters of this list.

When I made more money.

When I had more time.

When I could start…


I have had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary entrepreneurs during my 30+ years of doing this work and I learn from so many of them.  One thing that truly resonated with me was the concept of taking the steps now, no matter where you are, in light of where you want to be.  

Yes, it’s a stretch to begin to take steps as if. What I have found is that I am able to do and be more than I thought possible. In the last two years as a company, we have donated more money than ever before.  It’s an amazing feeling.

I was able to do a lot of introspection and then research into who I wanted to contribute to and why and how.

The light bulb was that it didn’t have to look a certain way!

This is exactly what we teach when it comes to day-to-day financial management. I just couldn’t see it for my own situation. This is why having an outside set of eyes and ears to hear the things we are not saying and see the things we cannot see for ourselves is so valuable.  

I still have a big vision for philanthropy in my company and in my life AND I am experiencing the gift of taking steps now.

If you want to explore the things that you may be telling yourself you will do someday, so that you can begin to experience them now, let’s talk.  Our annual Players Club Retreat is right around the corner and it may be a great vehicle for you to learn how to live life now like you want to live it instead of someday when…

In Abundance,



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