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So You Are Making Good Money and …

So you are making good money and ….

Managing money is one of those things that most entrepreneurs don’t find exciting.  Yet you know you need to be smart with it, so you can live the lifestyle you desire.

This is why having team in this area of your business is a great place to invest.  The trick is to have the best team for you at each stage of your business.

So how do you know when to hire and who to work with?

Getting Started – Most entrepreneurs operate with a check register or an excel spreadsheet at this stage.  Decision making is based on how much money is in the bank and/or how much room is on the credit card or the line of credit.

Growing – At this stage you are starting to realize that in order to continue to grow, it is necessary to let go of doing some things.  Bookkeeping is one of the first things to go – and rightfully so – as it is typically not the highest and best use of an entrepreneur’s time.

Accelerating – Now it’s time to develop the next level of skills when it comes to managing your money.  You want to have a team who can help you understand the story your numbers are telling you and support you in having a healthy money relationship, so you are confident and clear that you are heading for wealth.  Action plans are what will identify the best steps for you both now and into the future.  With this clarity, you gracefully know what to say yes to and what to say no to.

Established – Systems, Systems, Systems.  These are what will allow you to live the lifestyle you desire and keep you on the path of building the business you dream of.  Your team is expanding based on investments that are a natural fit for who you are and what you enjoy.

If you identify with the Accelerating and Established stages of business then I have a treat for you!

The CFO Agency Players Club


This ultimate financial event is one of a kind.  It is designed with you in mind.  If you are ready to up level your financial intelligence and accelerate your business and your lifestyle then this event is for you.

We are committed to having the numbers in your life not only be empowering for where you are today, but also to help build a solid platform for your personal wealth development.  After all, we are in business for a reason right?  To not only impact the world with our gifts but to also create the financial legacy that is on our hearts to create.

Find more information at The CFO Agency Players Club

Complete the application and we will have a conversation to see if this is the best fit for you now.

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