September 23, 2021 Abundance, CFO Agency, Entrepreneur, Plan

So Why Are We Really Doing This?

The desire to grow and learn and make a difference is inherent in most entrepreneurs I meet. Yes, there are some who have simply created themselves a job on their own terms either out of desire or out of necessity, and the ones who really catch the entrepreneurial bug soon move into the space of creating a bigger game.

Getting started is always an uphill journey. Either you make a lot of money out of the gate and have to learn how to manage a team and keep the money in your pocket, or you struggle with cash flow and learn how to be a business owner over time. Both are capable of generating a lot of income over time.

So once you know you can keep the lights on and have settled into the lifestyle you desired when you got started in business for yourself, then what?

So often I meet entrepreneurs who never ask themselves that question. The game is played on the field of day-to-day being the best you can as a business – for your customers, your team, and your vendors, and being compensated such that the game is a win-win-win.  Now what?

Moving into a philanthropic mindset is a big piece of wealth development. It is one thing to desire to make a lot of money, it is another to learn how to manage and grow wealth for today and tomorrow.

The first step is making your money work for you instead of you working for it!

That is typically a difficult concept to wrap your mind around. What if you could generate what you needed on a monthly basis from your money working for you? Then every day you get up and do what you do because you love it and because you want to.  

For most getting to the place of thinking into next generations and legacy involves truly understanding why they are really doing this. It is never about the money it is about what the money can do in the world.

If you are ready to take your income to the next level then I encourage you to answer the question, “why are you really doing this?” Once you have that answer let’s talk about how to close the gap from where you are today to there!

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