February 28, 2013 Accounting, Financial, Money, Wealth

So how do I do this?

I recently read an article in Small Business Advisor called “The Debt Reduction Paradox” where the author ended with a question I am happy to say I have found an answer to.

The author stated:
“I don’t think I am alone in making the statement that I have too much debt. You can’t open a newspaper (yes they still exist), watch a news program, or listen to the radio without being bombarded with a commercial about getting out of debt.
Granted, it’s a booming industry. Not only is the Country in debt, but a significant portion of people are in trouble. I feel that there are 3 categories of people in debt. While there is no intrinsic difference (they are still in debt) I do feel there is subtle difference between one type and another.
The first category is the “Suddenly Debt Ridden.” These people have done everything right and were just hit with an insurmountable incident. Maybe they got laid off of work. Maybe that had a catastrophic medical incident. Maybe they made a bad investment. In any event, it’s a new, scary and uncomfortable situation for them.
The second type of person is what I call the “Chronically Debt Ridden.” These are people that just do not know how to handle money. You can give them everything and in a couple years, they are broke. Think of all the professional athletes that made millions of dollars, year after year, and are now broke. They just do not understand how debt works.
The third type of person is the one I want to concentrate on. These are the “Treading Water Debt Ridden.” The ones that just trying to live life, doing everything right, have a good job and a decent paycheck, don’t live extravagantly or outside their means, but slowly and surely lose ground on debt. You make enough to keep your head above water, but small ripples (a furnace, new tires, etc..) do you in. The proverbial “death by a thousand cuts.”
So how do you fix this?”
I like the categories that the author has created.  Since the first economic crash in 2008 I have worked with so many people who fell into category 1 and now reside in category 3 as recovery continues to only inch along.  I fell into this category myself.  My business was going along great, the first crash happened and I figured ok, we can ride this out.  Then the second crash came and I was crushed.  Left with startup debt and debt from keeping my employees too long counting on a faster recovery.  So many of us didn’t have good labels like these and used the hammer labels of failure for ending up with debt after the crash.  The truth is there were many circumstances that led to the crash, many out of our control.  The bottom line now is “So how do you fix this?”
Well as is part of my nature I went to work researching solutions.  I began looking for solutions that did not involve bankruptcy or refinancing and did not involve a company renegotiating me out of my debt for a very high fee. I found a perfect solution for this challenge.  Imagine having fun reducing debt and once again creating the wealth you desire, knowing you are in control of what will happen next. Can you picture having fun winning against the bank and building your wealth? Wouldn’t you agree that when a path is laid out for you that it’s much easier to get from point A to point B!  With this solution you will have a step by step plan tailor made for you that will be simple to follow.  Call me today for a complimentary analysis to see how this proven solution can help you.  I personally have used this system to save over $150,000 in interest and 10 years of payments and you can too.  Call me today 406 257 6044!

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