December 15, 2016 CFO Agency

Shoveling snow and shoveling sh…..

If you have kids you know that often you do things for them because you love them and want to support them.  My daughter has been a horse nut since she was little and had her first pony at the age of 6.  These horses have been a mainstay in her life and now she is studying to become an equine veterinarian.

While she has been away at school I have the privilege of caring for her ponies, supporting her as she pursues her dream of becoming a vet.  Something that has been a dream since the age of 9.   Many people tell me I am crazy but I know my daughter and I know her heart and so I shovel …..

When I signed on to be a Mom, there were no guarantees and certainly no road maps to follow.  I used to say my daughter was my biggest joy in life and my biggest challenge.  I was always being called forward into a bigger vision of myself, to provide the life that was important to me to provide for us.

The same has been true of being an entrepreneur.

How about you?  When you signed on to being an entrepreneur were you aware of all that would transpire?  We wear many hats as an entrepreneur and if your business is like mine it is always calling your forward into a bigger vision.

Just like shoveling was not something I originally signed on for when making the choice to be a Mom, managing money is often the piece I hear most entrepreneurs say is not what they signed on for.  They just want to deliver their service or product.

Here is what I know.  I wouldn’t trade a day of shoveling if it meant I had to give up being a Mom.  I even use that time now for quiet contemplation, as the act itself doesn’t require much brain power :).  It has been the silver lining for me.

What if taking on this thing called money was the silver lining for you?

The excitement and confidence that I see when “the money gets real” for my clients is why I do what I do.  Knowing that they are making the impact in the world that they desire while at the same time creating financial abundance in their life gives my clients the confidence to keep doing what they are doing.  They get excited about being able to do what they love AND know that financially they are creating the life they desire.

This is the perfect time of year to be making decisions about how you want 2017 to look.  If you are interested in exploring how your life can be different with money I have a four minute assessment to help you know the best place for you to focus.   Click here and give yourself the gift of knowing what the best next step is for you financially!


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