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Ships to be Burned

Ships To Be Burned

Do you remember the story about the captain who sent all his men into shore to do battle and once the last boat had left for shore he order the ships to be burned, cutting off any chance for retreat?  Well that is what commitment looks like.  It looks like burning the ships.  It’s truly cutting off any possibility of turning back.  It’s no longer giving yourself an option of choosing out.

It’s New Years – and Happy New Year if I haven’t had the chance to share that wish with you.  Traditionally New Years has become this time when we start with a fresh slate and we declare resolutions for new things we want to do and achieve in this up coming year.

Then in almost a joking like manner we laugh and say but all those resolutions will be broken by February.  What if this year could be different for you?  What if you burned your ships?

Imagine what your life would be like at the end of 2014 if you actually achieved the dreams and goals and resolutions you are setting right now!  You see if you truly believe that those goals are good and right for you; that achieving them will make your life, your loved ones lives and the world better then why would you allow yourself a way out.

Typically it is fear, or you bump up against an obstacle or worse yet you unconsciously go back to old habits and now your plan is thrown out the window.  I know that is what I did for years.  I also know the internal strife it caused when my actions and my dreams did not match up.

I am so truly excited about this year.  I have a solid plan to work from every day, I have a coach to guide me through the things in the past I have not been able to get past myself, I have an amazing team to work with and a loving and supporting family.

If you are ready for this year to be different financially then do yourself a favor, burn the ships and give me a call so we can create a plan for you that will knock this year out of the park!


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