August 5, 2016 CFO Agency

Restless nights….

So you are making good money and…. there is still never enough. 

You have followed all the latest trends when it comes to marketing and team building, yet profitability eludes you.

You have invested heavily with your time & energy, your money & other people’s money, and you still aren’t earning what you need to live the comfortable lifestyle you desire or have the confidence that someday  you won’t have to work this hard and you will have enough.

I have the privilege of working with many business owners who have passion and commitment to a vision of service and contribution with their company.  Most come to me when they have hit a wall financially. 

Early on, the walls are typically overcome with debt or working harder, however, as you continue to grow, those strategies will not sustain you.  It is not a scalable model of business and yet I see it over and over.  

I have lots of opinions on the fiscal responsibility of banks when it comes to lending money and the one thing that really makes me mad is when money is lent over and over without any guidance. 

You see money is a tool that most of us have never been taught how to use.  Cash flow is the blood of economy and in a business where cash flow is tight, the life of the business and its owners is compromised.   It’s the reason most business owners have restless nights.

I am on a mission to partner with business owners to help them learn to manage this tool called money.  It’s not sexy like marketing or fun like sales, however it’s the one thing that will truly make or break the long term sustainable growth of a business and provide you with peaceful nights.  And believe me there is nothing better than positive cash flow and growing profitability to make life peaceful.

In the work we do with our clients as a virtual CFO we help to fill in the gap of understanding when it comes to money management and planning.  We are not a CPA or a Financial Planner. We are your partner helping you to understand the strategies, tactics and healthy money relationship patterns that make using the tool of money fun. ..that help you to close the gap from where you are today to where you want to be.

Yes I used money and fun in the same sentence.  It truly is possible.  There are tried and true strategies and tactics to make it happen.  The first step is being willing to stop and ask for help.



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