May 25, 2017 CFO Agency

Respectful Estate Settlement

More often than not Respectful is not a word you hear with Estate Settlement.  Of course there are a lot of emotional reasons for this and those reasons are also a part of the family heritage that is left as legacy.

When I met my husband Ken 7 years ago, I was struck by how respectful his family was of one another.  No matter what the situation, even in the messes, there was always respect.  This respect is now holding true as the siblings navigate the settlement of their families estate.

There have been no lawyers, no fighting – just lots of communication.  The communication of course began many months before, as Ken’s Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Never easy conversations and yet so important.

I have been humbled with the impact that this estate will have on each siblings family, mine included.  Their legacy will be carried on of course in the manner that each recipient has learned to work with money and belongings.

We have been blessed with a pull camper and a pontoon boat – items we were not ready to invest in and yet now have the pure joy of planning to use with our grandchildren.  The memories we will create will be an extension of the legacy Ken’s family has created.

And we have been blessed with money that we now will become the stewards of.  There is not only the gift of receipt but also the responsibility of making sure it will impact the next generation too.  I am thankful I have the knowledge to feel confident as we step into this.  I could not always say that.

As you think about your own legacy and the legacy you will inherit with your family what comes up for you?

For most people there is a blank.  It is not something that is often thought about let alone discussed.

Talking about money can often bring up lots of emotions that without a way to think about them or a framework with which to work through them.  It begins with your own relationship with money and the systems and structures you have in place for managing it.  So whether you are dealing with small numbers or whether you are dealing with larger numbers there really is no difference, you can have confidence and clarity so there is a sense of ease and joy.

That is what we do every day with our clients, help them to move to a place of ease and joy with money management.  We would be honored to talk with you to see if we are a fit.

We are each stewards of all that we have and all that we are blessed with, may your journey be one of joy.


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