February 4, 2014 Abundance, Beginner's Mind, New Beginnings



How are they going? 

Are you still committed? 

If you are like most people you have fallen back into old routines.  No worries .  RECOMMIT.

You see resolutions are agreements that we make with ourself and typically we are the first person we let down.  Rather than just walking away, recommit.

You have heard the saying “get back up on the horse after you fall off”.  It is the same thing with resolutions.  Not very many of us will successfully change a habit 100% our first try out the gate.  The truth is most of us will fall off many times before we are successful.  What makes those who are a success, successful, is their ability to recommit and go again and again until there is a permanent change.

For me this was incredibly liberating.  Especially in business, where more of what we try won’t work than will.  The thing is to ask yourself these three powerful questions and GO AGAIN!

What worked?

What didn’t?

What is next?

Often times it is a small shift that will create the result that we are looking for.  If we don’t adjust and go again we will never know.

So what are you recommitting to?

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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