October 7, 2021 CFO Agency, Finances, Mindset, Results

Reasons or Results

The true cost of errors.

Where did personal responsibility go? One of my mentors, a long time ago, told me you either have reasons or you have results. Either way, it’s yours. So own it and figure it out. This is something that has stuck with me and a principle I still live by today. Unfortunately, I experience so many who would rather point a finger or cry foul and refuse to look at their part in the issue, let alone find a solution for a win-win. This is where righteousness rears its ugly head.

Yes, we all make mistakes. If we make a mistake I believe it’s up to us to fix it! All mistakes are either a true error or a lack of knowledge and/or a poor system. No matter what it is, there is a solution!

The opportunity in every error is found in the solution. We get to learn, we get to make it right, and we get to improve a process for everyone.

Prices or Benefits

Every action we take either costs us a price or gives us a benefit. Typically we move through our days and are unconscious of these prices and benefits. What is the price we are paying as a society where personal responsibility is not the norm? I know lost time is one of the biggest.

Time is our most valuable commodity; it is the ultimate leveler for all of us in life. In the last month, when I look at the amount of time I have invested to fix other people’s errors, I am disappointed that more people have not learned the value of personal responsibility.

How do we create a society where the benefits of personal responsibility are the norm?

In the arena I play in, financial management, every day I see the prices paid for a lack of personal responsibility. Those who have a vision of making a difference beyond themselves are the ones who truly take it on. They are the ones who are willing to step into the space of personal responsibility and do what it takes to learn, to develop new systems, and to find the win-win. They are creating new results and will reap the benefits!

If you have had a win-win experience with personal responsibility I would love to hear about it. Let’s connect and celebrate that togethe.


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