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What Would You Do If You REALLY Knew?

What would you do if you REALLY knew?

Do you like to know or do you prefer to not to?

I know there are some people who prefer never to really know because ignorance can be bliss.  Then you really don’t have to do anything, if what is happening is not what you want.  You can put your head in the sand and joyfully move along telling yourself anything you want.

I know, I did this with weight loss for years.  I never wanted to get on the scale.  Told myself all kinds of excellent reasons why that was not important.  Well when I became committed to losing my weight, I was finally willing to step on the scale every morning.  And guess what…. I’ve lost over 20 pounds since January.  Do you think I am celebrating!  YES!!!

I see the same thing in business with numbers.  People  just don’t want to know how they are really doing.  This way, they can stay in whatever story serves them in the moment.

Sometimes the story is” I am working really hard, I am really busy, so I must be doing ok,” when in fact the actions that they are taking or the money they are investing is not really getting them where they want to go.

Sometimes the story is, “I am making lots of money, there is always enough cash to pay for everything, so I must be doing ok,” when in fact every penny that is coming in the door is flying right out the back side!

We all have all kinds of emotions around money, some that serve us and some that don’t.

This is typically why getting connected with your numbers can initially seem overwhelming.

Nicole received the numbers for her business for the first time in April. 

In May she doubled her income!


What happened?

Knowing her numbers actually put her in the driver’s seat. 

It is what gave her choice.

Choice is where freedom is!


If you are ready to know your numbers, so you can truly be at choice in how you spend your time, and how you spend your money, so you can truly create the business you want, and live the lifestyle you want then schedule an appointment and let’s see if we are a good fit.

Isn’t it time that you were in the driver’s seat with your money?  Schedule a complimentary strategy session and let’s get you there!

In Abundance


PS Isn’t it time that you knew REALLY that you were building the business of your dreams?


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