November 4, 2019 CFO Agency, Money, Taxes

Reality Check

Reality Check

Recently Netflix advertised the movie “The Laundromat” if you have not yet watched it I encourage you to do so!  Not only is it highly entertaining it will push your buttons around money.

The movie definitely plays to the scenario that you don’t want to be “one of those people”.  Unfortunately I see too many people not embracing having lots of money because they are afraid they will be “like those people”.  

At the same time there is one statement that is made a number of times throughout the movie and that is “and it’s all perfectly legal”.  In other words the strategies these people are using to keep more of their money in their pocket are all perfectly legal.  

There is also an underlying message that it’s a crime not to be paying taxes.  And yet most of us feel that the vehicle which we pay our taxes to is a very broken and corrupt vehicle.

The movie then goes on to paint a picture of the bad things “these people” are doing in the world with their money.

Got the picture, feeling the injustice and the emotions that go with it!

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if people who were wired to do good in the world used these very legal strategies to keep more money in their pocket to do good in the world.  We know those people exist too.

The government is well aware of the fact that we can make a greater impact in the lives of our families and our communities and the world in general with a dollar in our pocket than they can with a dollar in theirs.  That is why the tax code is written as it is. Yes taxes play a very important role in our country and we need to pay what is good and right for us to pay AND we need to be fiscally responsible enough to keep more of our money in our pocket.

What if paying too much in tax was seen as a way of handing over your pay check with the hopes that the government is going to take care of you for all of your days in the style of life they choose for you.

What if managing your money so that you were responsible for your lifestyle and for the lives of those around you in your family and community were the new norm?

We would certainly be learning more about how to work with and manage money.  We would be teaching generations how to be fiscally responsible for a world that worked in a win-win scenario instead of the win lose that is depicted in this movie.

Time for the reality check!  Tax season is right around the corner.  What are your strategies? If you would like to explore some new ones schedule a call today!  Year-end sessions fill up fast so book now.

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