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Ready to Earn What You Are Worth?

Ready to earn what you are worth?

One thing I often see with women owned businesses is that charging what you are worth is a challenge.

I find that part of the reason for this is a disconnect with money.

If you have never really worked with money much then the zeros have no basis for reality.  You can throw around numbers for what you will charge to provide services and/or what you will pay for services provided to you, but unless they are in a format where you truly understand the impact each price has, then they are just random numbers with little meaning.

What does it really look like to create a 6 or 7 figure business?

If your income has been on a roller coaster my guess is it is because numbers are a random thing for you.  How what you do relates to how you live your life financially are not dots that you have connected.

Not to worry, you are not alone.

Once you can clearly connect those dots, making money becomes significantly easier because it is grounded in your personal reality.  Make sense?

Nicole, a CEO client, didn’t have an problem making money.

The challenge for her was when she made it, it was going right back out the door to support the lifestyle Nicole wanted to live.

Nicole wanted to “live her really cool life doing the work she loved”.

Once we were able to connect the dots for her and she realized numbers and money were not about constricting budgets, but instead kind of fun her business became so much more solid and grew.  She understood how charging what she was worth lead to living her cool life and making a difference for others at the same time.

Are you ready to earn what you are worth too?  Do you really want to live the life you desire?

If you are ready for your dream to become a reality let’s visit and see if we are good fit for getting you there now!

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