February 17, 2022 Finances, Plan

Radical Economic Thinker

Radical Economic Thinker.

I heard this term recently when visiting with some people who are making a difference in the world by thinking in this way.  It struck an instant chord. Over the last few years, I have marveled at those who never ask another question, instead just follow blindly what they are being told. Thinking outside the box takes courage and comes from those who are not only willing to live in a space of constant curiosity, but more importantly, take action with what they learn.

The gentleman who was speaking was looking at where we are heading as a country when it comes to being able to sustain ourselves with nutritious food. The question he asked when looking for the solution was “what are we not doing”. I was truly inspired by the work they are doing and thankful that some of it is being done in my backyard. You can learn more about them here

For those of you who know me well, you know that I always ask… “What is the money for?” 

Having a desire to create wealth is only the first step. Learning how to manage it – which is the space we play in with our clients – is the next step.

The true power of it comes when you fully step into the difference you are going to make in the world with your knowledge, your work, and your money.  

Recently we watched a movie “Don’t Look Up”. While it was truly entertaining, the powerful message I found in it was “ask another question or live with the consequences of leaving your head in the sand”.  I know my mother will cringe when I tell you this but one of my favorite lines in the movie was a beautiful singer singing “pull your head out of your ass…”  

With all of the finger-pointing, judging, and fear of the last few years, it was truly a breath of fresh air to learn that while a lot of people have been paralyzed, there are those who are still asking another question and taking another step.

I know I was inspired to look at my work through the lens of being a Radical Economic Thinker, and I hope you will join me! If not you, then who? We can all make a difference.

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