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PROGRESS  –  For each of us the definition of this word will depend on what we are doing and why we are doing it.  The most important thing though is that we have parameters for defining it and ways to measure it.

Feedback is one of those great things that keeps us in motion.  For Christmas we gave one another the gift of a membership at the local gym.  Each of us has a different goal in mind when it comes to our health and our first goal has been the same for each of us: to develop the new habit of regular workouts.

So we have marked on the calendar when we go to the gym.  We have done a great job encouraging one another and we have successfully accomplished our first goal.  I see the same thing happen in business.  When we are working alongside someone who also has our best interest in mind the likelihood of achieving our goals is significantly higher.  When we have a way of tracking our progress then we know when we accomplish our goal instead of just telling our self a story that we are.

This is also why I work with a business coach.  On the days when my creativity is low or on the days when I cannot see my way into action I have someone I can lean on who will encourage me to stretch and go again.  It is always my choice, I am responsible for building my business and my chance of success is significantly higher because I am not trying to do it alone.

Having markers that allow me to check in and see if I am making progress in the direction I want to go is also critical to my success.  Without them I will go in circles and because I am busy I will think I am making progress without knowing I am making progress

This is why I always work with a plan.  The checking in process is what helps the plan to stay dynamic and supportive.  This time of year I am having fun working with my clients to create their plan.  It is what helps them to stay focused and how they know they are on track for the kind of life and business they want.

How is your plan coming for 2014?  Leave me a comment or question I would love to hear from you.

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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