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Pricing For Profits – 5 Tips To Increasing Your Fees Right Now

Pricing For Profits – 5 Tips To Increasing Your Fees Right Now

In the last month, we have talked a lot about how important pricing for profits is.  How understanding your value and then packaging your services and products accordingly will ensure great results that truly impact your bottom line.

So I know at this point, you are convinced.  However if you haven’t raised your prices yet, then it means you need some additional support, so here are 5 things you can do starting today that will give you the confidence to raise your fees, so that you can create the business you desire and start living the lifestyle you deserve..

  1. Stop charging by the hour or the month – This only makes you a commodity, instead create irresistible packages that focus on the results your clients achieve by working with you.
  1. Make sure how you show up and are perceived by high end clients matches the pricing you wish to charge – Quite simply if you want people to pay high end pricing, they need to perceive YOU as a high end brand.    It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, if the clients can’t see it reflected in your appearance, energy and language.  It’s not possible to make fabulous money with small money thinking or behaviors.
  1. Specialize – Often entrepreneurs “think” they have a niche, but really they are still presenting themselves as generalists.  Clients happily pay specialists that they believe will solve a specific and time sensitive problem.  So get super clear on who you help, and how you help them, and learn how to position yourself as an expert in your field,  and it will be much easier to charge a premium.
  1. Up-level your networking –  So many groups can make you feel safe.  However, “safe” may make you friends, but it’s not likely to make you money.   Stretch your comfort zone and network in places that make you feel a bit out of your league, ( just because you feel that way, doesn’t mean you are), and be very selective about the places you spend your time.  Go where there are the potential clients with the means, mindset, and motive to invest with you.
  1. Get help – Stepping up into a new level of money consciousness and increasing your fees will push your boundaries and limits.  Work with a coach or mentor who can help you through this barrier, and remove any blocks you have.  Also the sooner you invest in yourself at a level similar to what you wish to charge the easier it will be for you to do it.  I speak from experience.  It really works!

If you need some help with any or all of these 5 tips, then I encourage you to reach out and APPLY for a complimentary 30 minute session with me, where we can look at

  • What is subconsciously stopping you from increasing your fees
  • The steps you need to take to leverage your time and create more income from your products or services
  • The one simple step you can take immediately to make it happen.



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PS…If you really want to make a meaningful shift in your business and life, I would like to invite you to apply for The CFO Club.  In order to properly serve my CFO clients,  I limit the club size and we have one spot opening up. You will want to apply early to get priority.




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