Are You Ready To Start Charging What You’re Worth?


“I’ll show you how to quickly and easily charge 20-30-40 percent (and more!) than you do right now (plus reveal the simple secrets to raising your fees that NO ONE else is telling you) so you can confidently charge what you’re worth and get it!”


  • Are anxious about the reaction you’ll get from current clients (and don’t want to risk offending them)
  • Keep comparing your fees to everyone else’s (worrying that if you charge more no one will hire you)
  • Discount your fee, believing that taking less is better than not getting a new client (besides, it’s hard not to discount your fee when you really like someone and want to help them)
  • Feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about what you charge (truth is, you’d work for free if you could afford to!)
  • Keep telling yourself you need to wait until you get more experience first (even though your clients rave about you!)
  • Don’t have boatloads of clients right now so you think maybe it’s best to wait (letting that voice of self-doubt creep in and take control)




Working with Sue has benefitted me immensely, there is no question. She has taught me how to value myself, my services, my work in the world, and how to connect with prospects and clients in a more direct and mindful fashion that focuses on getting the results I need to stay in business and serve more people. She has also guided me on how to create a better money system for myself, how to look at money in a new way, to work with it instead of against it and to understand the consequences of my actions.

Melissa Waldron, Red Hot Now

I will have gone from just over 5K to 500K a year in 3 years. The add a zero exercise has helped me get more comfortable with that number. Excited about next year and the amazing women in my new group program.

Sold out again for private until April, so crazy.

Thanks Sue. I am remembering my vision more often and using some exercises to step into it.

Michelle Greenman, Women’s Wellness Coach

  • How to instantly make 20-30-40 percent (or more) than you do right now
  • How to raise your fees for your current clients (without offending or possibly losing them)
  • How to handle tough situations—like when you’re asked, “How much do you charge?”—with grace and confidence, keeping YOU in the driver’s seat (so you don’t give away too much too soon)
  • How to let your prospective clients create their own “return on investment” reasons for hiring you (do this and they’ll convince themselves to say “yes”)
  • How to avoid justifying your fee (and quit giving away your power or diminishing the value of your offer)
  • Which questions will magically motivate your client to say “yes” instead of “let me think about it”
  • How to confidently quote your fee (and never again doubt that it’s too much)
  • Why being “expensive” makes you more desirable (even if you don’t have years of experience or lots of clients yet)
  • What to NEVER put in your proposals (and why it’s such a deal breaker)
  • How to give a fool-proof guarantee that gives your clients peace of mind (and makes it easy for them to spend their money on you ) without promising more than you can live up to
  • Whether putting your fees on your website will help or harm your business—and why!
  • How to nip self-doubt in the bud and banish your “what to charge” worries once and for all
  • What 3 specific questions will get your clients to tell you what they REALLY want and will PAY for (hint: miss these questions and you’ll continue to play the dreaded waiting game with your prospective clients)
  • 3 simple ways to know if you’re charging enough (and what to do about it if you’re not)
  • Why charging what everyone else does means you’re leaving a ton of money on the table (instead of enjoying having it)
  • The ONE question you MUST start asking your clients right now (skip this and you’ll continue to be disappointed in what you earn)
  • How to powerfully and effortlessly present the nitty-gritty of your servicesso your benefits sell themselves
  • How to turn your traditional time-based services into powerful, lucrative packages that bring in tons more money without adding one little bit to your workload (this chapter alone is easily worth 10 times the modest price of this program!)
  • The perfect time to bring up the topic of price (and exactly what to say if your client asks what your fee is too soon—you’ll love how respectful and powerful this word-for-word script is!)
  • …and many more bonus tips, scripts, and templates that answer your toughest pricing questions!

Sue gets me and not just my money.  She deals with me as a whole person, taking into account my entire family and our goals, very profound.  Most people only offer either money mindset or money, Sue’s gift is she does both.  She handles my money for real with bookkeeping and also coaches my emotions and mindset.  She inspires trust

Devorah Spilman, Spilman StorySelling

I knew I needed to get my finances in order. I was not in touch at all with my money and needed to do it to grow my business.   I was not handling it well and it wasn’t going to get any better.  I wanted to become responsible and not run myself into the ground.”

Nicole Moore, Love Works

The best thing you can do for your business is work with Sue and her team in any way that you can. You owe it to yourself and all the rest of us waiting to receive your skills and expertise, to stop holding back and truly commit to the revenue you deserve.

Kim Schott, Schott Cultural Consulting

  • Six (6) live calls where I will teach you how to properly price your services
  • One (1) Q&A session to get all of your questions answered
  • Exclusive access to our members area
  • Downloadable handouts and worksheets
  • Access to all of the call recordings

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