February 5, 2014 Abundance, Journey, Life, Passion, Results

Power of Water

This week I am in San Diego to spend time with my mentor and to meet with my Mastermind group.  On top of all the amazing learning and new relationships I will experience I also get to walk on the beach every day.  I was a little girl on the west coast and the ocean has always had a strong pull on my heart.


The power of the waves coming in over and over nonstop is so reassuring to me that the rhythms of life will always march on no matter what happens.  I am sure like me you have experienced things that have happened in your life that were not as you would have wanted.  It is sometimes hard to remember that we are always at choice as to how we are going to let these life events inform how we move forward.

I find the same to be true in my business.  There are always things that don’t turn out as I would have wanted.  And what I have learned over time is to always keep moving and keep doing my work.  Often things turn out in ways that far exceed anything I could have ever imagined.  My job is to just keep working and adjusting my plan, making a difference as I go.

This trip to San Diego was the result of a large commitment I made to myself and my business this year and  marks a change in my company that I am so very excited about.  It is no coincidence that I am here to walk beside the ocean every day as I settle into it.  To be inspired by the never ending powerful crashing of the waves.

What choices are you planning for this year?  Are you waiting to make the commitment? I hope you are able to discover what inspires you to keep moving and to take new steps.  It is only in the moving that you will truly accomplish new things and make the difference that you are inspired to make for others. 

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert
PS  If mastering your relationship with money is one of those things you are committing to this year get in touch with me now – don’t wait any longer!
Leave me a comment about what you are committing to.  I love to hear from you.



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