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Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

Last night my daughter woke me up – her 3 year old horse had bloody legs and was moving slow. When you hear about a horses legs being cut up you hold your breath, as you begin to wash and look.  Walking the fence lines we were able to determine where two dogs had come into our pastures after dark and had run her through a fence which she had tried to jump.  There were two miniature horses in the same pasture with her, thankfully unharmed.

After spending 4 hours with the vet she was cleaned up, wrapped up and has some medications to help her.  As I was crawling back into bed at 1:00am, I was thankful she was going to be ok.  We have had to put a horse down before due to another person’s lack of personal responsibility.

I wonder how often we do things that we never stop to think about how it can affect another person.  Where in our life and in our business do we short cut doing the right thing, and who does it affect?  I looked up a quote from Steve Jobs this morning,


Excellence is something to strive for in every area of our life.  Everything we do or don’t do has a ripple effect which touches the lives of others, often in ways we will never know.  Striving for excellence is one way to ensure that the way in which we affect others will only be in a positive way.

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