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Does it Pencil?

Does it pencil?

Have you ever heard the term “It just doesn’t pencil”?  Many times business’ or new launches for a product or service are conceived  on the back of cocktail napkin.  With the great excitement comes some number crunching, and if the numbers look to end in the black it is deemed to pencil, so it is a go.  If the numbers end up in the red (or negatively) it does not pencil and you are back to the drawing board.

After the cocktail napkin though it is important to sketch out your plan with a little more detail.  This is where a spread sheet can be really fun.

Spreadsheets  however are one of those things that you either love or you hate!

I love spreadsheets.  Yes, I know there are those who just thought to yourself, “nerd” 🙂  A friend of mine describes spreadsheets as “Bill Gates revenge against everyone who made fun of him in school”.

Whether you love them or hate them here is the truth, spreadsheets are a very powerful tool.

I realize we all have different things that we are good at, and spreadsheets happens to be one I am good at.  I find them fun because you can jazz them up with color and graphics.  You can use them for something as simple as a seating chart to something as complex as a multiple year performa for a company with multiple profit centers.  They are actually incredible time savers when used in business.

I know for a lot of people, spreadsheets can seem inaccessible at first.  When you see one your eyes glaze over and you check out. I can promise you once you learn some basics then you can actually have fun with them .

As with any new skill, you have to have a reason to take on the learning.

Think about what you are investing  with your time, money, and energy  as you take on your business.  Things you will never again have.  Don’t you want to be sure that your investment will pencil a return for you?

This is a skill that you will use over and over, well worth your time to invest in.  Ready to learn how to take on the basics?  Let me show you how to have fun with spreadsheets as you determine your income your expenses and your time with your business!

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PS  Does your business pencil?  Let’s make sure together!

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