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Our Fiscal Responsibility

Our Fiscal Responsibility

Every now and then I am reminded about the benefits we enjoy living in this country.  

We experience freedoms that many countries are not able to enjoy, because they simply don’t have the economics that we do.

Yes, I believe it is our fiscal responsibility to pay as little in tax as is lawfully our right to do. 

The Tax Code is a monstrous document which changes every year, so it is important to work with a tax adviser who stays on top of the changes.  The codes are written the way they are because the government knows that we truly can impact our families and communities in a more powerful way than they can with a dollar in our pocket rather than theirs.

AND it is important to understand the role our tax dollars do play in providing us the economics we enjoy.

If you are one who follows politics closely, I am sure that you have opinions of the administrations as they change over time.  Each comes to their position with promises of change and some changes we embrace, while some we shake our heads at.  

Then there are the laws that are changed and take years to implement.  

For example, in 2015 the IRS passed legislation that if a taxpayer owes them $50,000 or more in back taxes, and does not have a repayment schedule in place, they can be denied a passport or have their current passport revoked.  Finally in 2019, this legislation is finally in place with those who have the authority to enforce it and it is now being enforced.

For those who enjoy travel this is a pretty big limitation on a freedom that we take for granted; the ability to leave and return to our country as we choose to.

So if you do owe tax, even after implementing great strategies to keep the most amount of your money in your pocket possible, pay it with gratitude, thankful for the freedoms we enjoy here.

If you feel you are paying too much in tax, now is the time to begin planning for 2019 to be different!  

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