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The media has such a powerful impact on our culture.  It is intriguing how information is taken at face value without a second thought that there may be another way to look at the information that is being presented.

Why is it so difficult to think for ourselves?  To be willing to question and step into other possibilities seems to be a pioneer trait that is lost today.

During this past month, I was travelling for 5 weeks and in homes where the news is a daily event.  With the election and now the Corona Virus I was saddened to think of the number of households who were watching the immature and inaccurate election information, being whipped into emotional responses about things that unless one is on a mission to change politics are things one truly has no impact on.  Now there is a hysteria being created about a flu bug, causing people to hoard and tanking our economies worldwide.

There is a reason I don’t watch TV unless it’s to be entertained with a movie or show.  

I am not dismissing the need to be mindful what I am saddened by is the state of fear that is evoked in a country that has become afraid to think for itself.  While one sits with a garage full of toilet paper their neighbor in need goes without. This kind of fearful behavior gives us all something to think about.

What if we were resourceful, if we understood more about how this country and economies truly worked?  What if we knew how to take care of ourselves and our families and communities without relying on an overseeing body to make all our decisions for us and tell us what to think?

Yes there will always be leadership and what if we walked with one another instead of abdicating power?

Food for thought as we step into these days of uncertainty.  What am I sure of is this will pass as does everything else, may we all learn how to be better prepared so fear is not the mainstay of the day.

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