August 24, 2016 Cash Flow, Finances, Lifestyle, Money, Wealth, Wealth Building

Number One Money Skill to Know

The money is always for something.  None of us are doing our work in the world for the money.

What we are doing is living out our heart’s calling  and creating the lifestyle we desire.

The trick is, in order for that to happen, we must learn how to manage a tool called money and be in a relationship with it that allows for a smooth cash flow.  In doing this work for over 30 years I can honestly say that money is truly one of our greatest teachers and it impacts all areas of our life.

Each of us have established a relationship with this thing called money – in some ways it serves us well and in others, well, I call those our blind spots – the ways we continually limit our self without being aware of how we are doing it.

And the journey doesn’t end when we reach a certain level of income. 

You know the level – the one where you think all your life’s challenges will be over and you will be happy.

I have worked with very wealthy people who struggle with a “happy” life because they still don’t know how to move from a generating relationship with money to a managing relationship with money.

One of the biggest shifts when it comes to generating wealth is shifting how you view your relationship with money.  And it can start now, no matter what level of wealth development  you are at.  Whether you are just getting started, whether you are in a lot of debt, whether you have a lot of money and still aren’t living the life you desire. You CAN shift.

To determine where you are on this journey, check in with how you feel about managing money.

Do you have a method for regularly tracking returns on your investing (all expenses are an investment)?

Do you have a plan by which you make decisions for investing?

Are you set up with balances that support a feeling of security for you?

These are the kinds of questions wealthy people have answers to. 

Wealthy is not a number, it’s a mindset and a management skill.

The good news for all of us is because of that, it’s possible for all of us, no matter how much cash you currently have!

This is what inspires me in the work that we do with our clients.  When more people are empowered with this mindset and skill we will all live more impactful lives.



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