May 13, 2014 Abundance, Accounting

Now I Know!

Now I know!

So often we chug through life wondering why some things seem so hard and others don’t.  Money is one of those areas that so many people find to be hard. One of my early mentor’s Loral Langemeier used to tell me “fear is nothing more than a lack of knowledge”.  I was reminded of that today when one of my CEO Club clients remarked:

“Now I realize that my money fears come from a lack of education, not from a lack of funds”

You see money has a language and a set of principles just like everything else.  Once you learn the language and apply the principles, you are empowered to create the life and business of your dreams.  This is a foundational skill that every business owner must learn in order to achieve success.

We all have money, we always have.  Yes the amounts have varied through our life but the bottom line is we still have it.  As such we handle it every day to the best of our ability with the knowledge we have in the moment.

So here is the million dollar question – how are you handling your money?

Are you handling money with confidence?

Do you know how to plan with money so you truly achieve your goals?

Are you clear on the ways to handle money as you have more of it?

If you answered yes to these questions congratulations – you are in the minority.  If you answered no then let’s talk!  This doesn’t have to be hard.  You will be amazed at how easy it truly can be with a few simple tweaks and some new habits.

You see money is one of the least talked about subjects.  People will share their physical ailments with you, their relationships issues with you, but most people have never had an environment where money is taught let alone discussed.

Reach out today. CLICK HERE NOW for a complimentary strategy session and let’s talk about you and your money so you can be on your way to confidence and clarity!

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