June 27, 2019 Accounting, Bookkeeper, Entrepreneur

Now is the Time!

Now Is The Time!

You know the project that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile, or into the next month on your calendar or task list? The one that is important, yet somehow you can keep managing without getting it done?  You keep hoping that you will stay in front of the issue that could happen because this project isn’t yet complete.

We all have one.

For our clients it is getting their accounting up to date. It’s finally gathering the last statement for that one account that just won’t download. You know, the one that you still have to get manually or even worse that you need to call the bank for. Or it’s finally sitting down to answer all the questions your bookkeeper has, so your financial statements are truly complete for each month.


If you are like me, now is the time to get this handled.

Before the summer fun really takes off and you slide into a little slower pace because the heat of the summer demands it.

When fall comes around you know you will be cranking back into high gear. Renewed from the summer slow-down your brain is eager to get started on the creative ideas that only came because you slowed down for the summer.

The fall is not the time to be catching up! it’s the time to be using your accurate and complete information to make the best possible decisions about how to best invest your time energy and money to finish the year with strength.

It’s the time to be strategic so you keep more money in your pocket instead of paying tax. Fall is the time to play full out without the worry or nagging in the back of your mind because you know this project is still sitting there.

Now is the time to meet with your bookkeeper and get everything up to date!

You and your bookkeeper will be thankful when Labor Day weekend rolls around and you are ready to step into the fall with grace and ease.

If you don’t have a bookkeeper and you know that is a project to get handled give us a call, 406-257-6044.  We would love to work with you because we know if you are taking action now, you are proactive and you are who we can do our best work for!

In Abundance,



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