January 29, 2014 Abundance, Change, Coaching

Next Step

When ….

I will when…..

Have you ever promised yourself you will take that next step, you make that investment, you will pick up the phone when …..

And then when never comes.  At least not perfect enough that we will actually do the thing that will truly take us in the direction we know in our heart we want to go.  I know that I struggle with this often.  What I have learned is how to push aside the fears and take the action right away.

Those are the actions that typically we hear from that little voice inside of us to take.  The ones that are actually from the yearnings on our heart to take.  The ones that will move us into being the person we know we can be.  The ones that will create the life and business that is on our heart and mind to create.

I used to think that it was just my own fears that held me back from taking those steps until my mentor introduced me to a book “The War of Art” by Stephen Pressfield.   In this book I learned about resistance and how it shows up in life.  I also learned that the way to overcome it and move past it – at least for a moment – is to do the work that is on my plate to do.  It is really that simple.

I thought I had to be smart enough, brave enough, know the right people, look a certain way before success could truly happen for me too.  I was wrong.  I was waiting for all the stars to line up just so before I would take the steps that were necessary for me to take in order to be the success my heart was calling me to.  That was resistance for me.  Does it sound familiar to you?

When I just started to say yes and take new steps, the ones that were in front of me to take, no matter how I felt, that was when things began to shift for me personally and in my business.  Stop waiting for when and start taking actions today.  They will build on themselves in ways you cannot imagine.  The key is to just start.  This is how we become a professional in what we do.

There are days the stars line up for me and there are days when they don’t.  Either way I have faith everything will be ok because I am following the steps that are in front of me to take.  What are the steps in front of you to take today?  Make today “when” and let me know what happens for you!

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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