January 31, 2024 CFO Agency

New Hope

A new year always brings with it new hope. Ideally, we took time in the fall to put together our goals for the upcoming year. In those goals, we outlined what was to be accomplished, by whom, and by when. We put some numbers around each step, both financial and time commitments. We identified what it looks like when the goal is completed successfully. Ideally, the goals for this year are supportive of the longer-term goals we have. This way we are eating the elephant one bite at a time.

The longer you are in business the more you understand that life will happen along the way. Circumstances, events, and people will come into the mix that you had no way to plan for. 

Does this mean your plans are lost? 

No, it means life happened and you are now at a point of decision.  

Plans are always fluid or dynamic. They are always in motion and always in adjustment. It’s just like driving down the road to a destination. The steering wheel is always in play, always in motion. If there is an accident up ahead you simply take a different route to get to your destination. It may take longer to get there, it may cost more, and you may have to involve more people. This is where we are at choice to either go with the flow or throw in the towel and go home.  

Learning how to always be in motion and going with the flow of what life presents is a life skill. Learning how to be uncomfortable and still make decisions and still take steps forward is what will ensure you will still arrive at your destination.  

If the goals that you set are truly important to you then you will be more willing to take the steps to make sure they happen no matter what comes at you in life.

Here is to an amazing 2024!  May we each be able to contribute to the world the goals that are on our hearts and minds to contribute.

In Abundance,



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