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Why I Never Gave Up!

Why I never gave up!

Building a long term sustainable business that makes a difference in the world and I enjoy has been a process.   One with many bumps in the road.

A client asked me last week why I never gave up?

When I stopped to think about it there were a number of reasons but my top 3 were:

1.  I had a burning desire in my heart to serve my clients.  You see I am on a mission to make numbers and money fun and empowering for everyone who wants to claim their financial abundance.  For me this vision has global reaches as our world continues to change, and poverty becomes a thing of the past.

2.  I never stopped doing my inner work to overcome whatever fears came up.  A very wise mentor once taught me that fear is nothing more than the unknown so to overcome it you simply learn something new. So I always reach out for help in an area that I need to grow in at the moment (which by the way never ends).

3.  I always work from a plan.  My plan has given me a foundation to take action from, a place to make decisions from and a place to check in to make sure I stay on track.

It hasn’t always been smooth or consistent.  There are have been times (sometimes years) where I have been stuck.  AND it is these three things that have always picked me up again.  My company is accelerating right now and my passion is over the top!

STOP  being stuck and afraid!  Let me help!

I can show you how to get past any obstacle you are facing today so you can claim the financial abundance you deserve.

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Stop waiting for things to change on their own or hoping something will drop in your lap.  I never gave up and I want the same for you.

In Abundance


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