November 15, 2023 CFO Agency

Mount Rushmore Musings Part 4

“We, here in America, hold in our hands the hope of the world, the fate of the coming years; and shame and disgrace will be ours if in our eyes the light of high resolve is dimmed, if we trail in the dust the golden hopes of men.” -Theodore Roosevelt, March 1912

As I read this again I can’t help but ask myself, “How are we doing?” – as a country, as a people?  

The state of our economy certainly doesn’t light up anyone’s eyes to discuss. Hope for the upcoming year is lost in fear and division in ways we have never really experienced at least during my lifetime.   

The golden hopes of men; If we gathered 20 people together to discuss what this would be today my guess is we would have 15 – 20 different answers. Some would have trouble even knowing how to answer.

I often experience the same thing when I ask my clients “What is the money for?” Some of my clients just know how to work really hard and they love what they do. It’s not about the money, so thinking about their money working for them is a foreign concept. Some of my clients feel like they have never really achieved the mark, a level of achievement they set for themselves, to be able to begin to dream and contribute.  

Where do you find yourself? 

Are you able to think about the fate of the coming years and not just your own lifetime? 

This is a good conversation to begin to explore during these challenging times. Our country could really benefit from some good visionary leadership these days.


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