May 21, 2024 Change

Mother’s Day

May is the month of celebrating Moms. It’s a fitting month for this celebration with the birth of spring and flowers beginning to bloom bringing lots of color to the landscape.

This year I was able to visit my Mom and share this special day with her in person. It let her know just how special she is to me by spending time together. It’s funny as a Mom myself I remember that when my daughter was little all the parenting advice was that spending time together was the most important thing you could do with a child. The same holds true as an adult.

In today’s world, we are acknowledged for our contributions and accomplishments. As a type A personality who actually enjoys getting things done, it is a balancing act finding time for all the fullness of life which includes self-care, relationships, and time for being still.

A wise person shared with me that as leaders of our companies, we especially need this time so we can see the things that others cannot see. We can see the direction for our company. We can see what makes a good team member, who is the best client for us to serve, and what is the unique process and or offering that we bring to the marketplace.

The longer you are in business the more you understand that everything is cyclical. Just like the seasons cycle and there is a time of rebirth and a time of dying this is true also in our business. Whether it’s a process that needs to change, a team member that needs to change, or a client base that needs to change – change is something that is inevitable.

So how do you handle change? Do you resist it? Do you embrace it?  

As an entrepreneur I embrace change, it’s what keeps life juicy ☺.  Most people don’t like change, especially fast change, and learning how to honor that space while ensuring it doesn’t pull you off track is a balancing act.

Trusting that the change is for a  greater good is what allows me to keep moving in a positive manner no matter what the change is.

The amount of change that has happened in business since COVID and now the long-term recession with higher interest rates has been interesting. 

How are you handling it?


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