February 25, 2014 Abundance, Money

Your Money Partner!

Your Money Partner!

Do you often feel alone when it comes to talking about business and money?

One of things I hear over and over from my clients is, “It’s so nice to have someone I can really talk to about this!”

One of my 2014 goals is to write articles that are relevant for you and I need your help to do that.

What are the most pressing issues you are facing this year when it comes to achieving your money goals?  Leave me a comment or email me directly and I will address them in this blog.

Lately, the one I have been hearing a lot is “I am nervous about retiring.  I’m not sure I will have enough money.”

When I hear this I know a couple of things are going on.  The first is you are probably relying on the traditional formula of putting a little money aside from each paycheck, typically in a 401K, and hoping there will be enough there by a certain date that you can stop generating money to put into it and have enough in it to live out your days comfortably.

Unfortunately for a lot of people, the amount of time left that you want to generate money and the amount of money you need, to at least continue your current lifestyle, are not in alignment.  As well, there may be debt in the picture that is gumming up the works.

Stepping into the world of entrepreneurialism and/or investing can seem a little overwhelming at first, however I know it is the answer to the dilemma you are feeling.  I have seen it over and over.  When you truly understand the power of becoming your own cash machine you will experience financial freedom in the way you are dreaming about today.

I hope this has given you enough encouragement to begin to explore the thoughts and ideas you have had or to step into the business you already have in a new way.

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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