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Money is a Teacher

Money is a Teacher

In the years that I have been blessed to work with people and money I have found that money is one of the most incredible teachers in life. There is so much emotion and energy around money and not all of it, in fact a great deal of it, is negative. This is truly unfortunate because money touches almost every area of our life.

I was listening to a speaker a while back and he made the comment that “Money does buy happiness”. Of course he was creating a case against the age old “Yeah but, money can’t buy you happiness.” A phrase that I think is often used as an excuse to never figure out how to make the money that is on your heart to earn. He made his case by stating “Money buys the family vacations that create memories and that makes me happy. I can give to the charities and community events as I want to and not as my check book dictates and that makes me happy. I can grow my business and provide employment for a lot of people who then go on vacations, and that makes me happy.” The list could go on and on.

Here is what I know. Each of us has inklings, thoughts and dreams about the life we would like to live. There is no right or wrong, better than or less than life, there is just our life that we are called to live out in the world. So when you think about what that is for you – where are you on your journey to creating that life?

A great place to begin when asking yourself that question is “Are you making the kind of money you want in order to live that life?” If the answer is not yet, then the good news is you get to be in the question of how do I do it! I encourage you to begin to get curious about money and pay attention to what comes up for you in the way of emotions and thinking. Do you go into overwhelm? Do you put it on a to do list and never get to it? Do you glaze over and tune out? Or do you love to learn about it?

I hope you can come to a place where you can see that money is just another tool to learn how to use and master in life. That it can actually become a fun place to explore and learn from as you are achieving your dream life.

Leave me a comment below I would know how you are doing with this.

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert


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