January 22, 2014 Abundance, Clarity, Coaching, Confidence

Confidence and the M word


If you are willing to subscribe to the thought that the way you do money is the way you do everything then there is great hope in that thought when it comes to gaining confidence around money!

You see there are many things that you do very well!  When you think about the experiences you have had where things turned out exceptionally well, what were some of the factors that came into play? Were you creative?  Were you confident?  What brought about the confidence?

When we try and put money on a shelf as something apart from our everyday life, as something that we have to deal with but not something that is integrated into our everyday that is when we  diminish our confidence with it.  The way we become confident with anything is to work with it over and over in multiple ways until we find ways that resonate with us and move us forward in our life.

This is why my VIP clients who work with me for a year experience such a great shift when it comes to having confidence with money. It is the process of working with your numbers on a regular basis, developing the skills of analyzing and making new decisions from that analysis that allows you to grow confidence in how you work with money.

You see for any of us to be confident with anything we first have to practice.  I know I am very guilty of expecting great results right away and what I have learned is that it is the practice where life is lived.  It is the practice where skills and confidence are developed.  When we can commit to just practicing everyday then there comes a day when all of a sudden we notice that we have confidence, that we have made great steps forward.

Give yourself the gift of practice and let me know what you learn!

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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