May 28, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Cash Flow

Love A Challenge?

Love a challenge?

There were times in my life I can remember wanting nothing but smooth sailing.  You know that perfect weather kind of day with nothing that rocks the boat.  Is that what you are wanting too?

What I have learned over time is that those kinds of days do come along, and if they were every day, I would lose interest really fast. One of the best life practices that keeps me moving forward with curiosity and growth is the practice of being comfortable being uncomfortable 🙂

My Mom used to always tell me to slow down and enjoy the flowers.  I was so focused on the end result, the smooth sailing perfect day, that I was missing the depth of what was happening each and every day.

My business is the place in my life where I am challenged daily.  It is the playing ground, if you will, of personal development.  Learning to stay in curiosity, loving the process of challenges has been a shift that has truly allowed me to enjoy the flowers on the path.

You see that flowers come in all shapes and colors.  They are the clients the cause you to stretch and grow.  They are the vendors and employees who teach you how to communicate effectively.  They are your numbers that grow you as a business person and not an employee.

What are you learning right now in your business?

I hope you are enjoying the flowers along the way!

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