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Have you ever lost your wallet?  You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach, wondering did this really happen?

It is actually a test to see how well you are set up with your financial file cabinet.   What I mean by this is do you have a go to place to find all the information you need if the worst happened.  Like if you lost your wallet.  Or what if something happened to you.  Do you have a place your loved ones can go to keep life moving forward if you can’t?

Today of course we can do all of this electronically as long as we have access to the internet.  You may also want to have a safe place in your home where you can store this information.

So what information is helpful?

  • Drivers license number
  • Credit Card and Bank Account numbers as well as contact phone numbers
  • Insurance Numbers and contact information

This is a good start to at least stop any identity or theft issues.

What about money?  How would you get your hands on your money if you had no identification?  Do you keep some at home?  Do you have a relationship with your banker so they know who you are?

Losing your wallet is a time when you get a firsthand experience of what your relationship is like with your money.  Have you taken measures to take care of it no matter what happens?

I hope this article has been thought provoking.  No rights or wrongs just interesting and an opportunity to make some changes.

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