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Lessons Learned From Travel

Lessons Learned from Travel

As many of you may know, I have been on the road since the 8th of February.  By time you read this on March 12, I will be just arriving home again.  This has been one of the longest times I have been out of the office and away from home, and it has taught me many things.

First of all, I have an amazing team!  

They have risen to the task of working with me remotely and handling everything that comes into the office.  Personal responsibility is a big piece of our culture. As a team, we are always discerning what’s working well and what’s not. 

I am a firm believer that if something is not working the answer will be in one of three areas:

  1. We need a better system
  2. We need more training
  3. Something is not a good fit
If you are the leader of a team, what is the culture that you are setting with your team? 

Are they empowered to make decision and own both their successes and their mistakes?

Secondly, I have a true appreciation for good systems.  Having the systems in place for our company and the nature of our work has allowed me to continue customer service in the way that is important to us as a company.  

  • What are the systems you use each day and are they truly making life easier for everyone?  
  • Are they allowing you to grow and diversify how you manage your workflow?  
  • Are you able to do more in less time or with fewer dropped balls?

While I truly miss my family, critters and home – as well as being with my team each day – I am in gratitude for the work we have done to ensure great customer service and continued growth no matter where we are.  If travel is a part of your picture are you ready for a successful trip?

In Abundance,



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