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Learning Happens in the Journey

Learning Happens in the Journey

School supplies are already showing up in the stores. It feels like summer just began; yet here we are already beginning August! When I was younger, I loved going to the office supply store: all the new pens and pencils, new workbooks—just ripe for creating something in. These were the tools that would get used to record new learning. Learning is one of the things in life I still truly enjoy. The sparks of new thought married with my own hopes and dreams always seems to breathe new life into me; a breath that brings hope, joy and clarity–kind of that feeling you get at the beginning of any new relationship. There is almost giddiness to it.

With all dreams and goals, there comes the action that will actually create the results.
For so many years, I have been so focused on the results. Everything I did was for the
end result. Focusing this way does create results, however, the fullness of life and greatest impact of the results happens along the way. It is in the daily practicing and practicing where we get stretched. This is where we become who we are. This is where we meet others. This is where, when we are grounded and open, we can catch insights that are greater than anything we could have come up with on our own. The truth is there are always results. The question is, “was I aware of all of them?”

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