Learning a new game
May 23, 2019 Curiousity, Entrepreneur, Learning, Wealth Building

Learning A New Game

Learning A New Game

Learning a new gameWith every game there is a set of rules, a language of terminology and then there are strategies.  The fun part of games is testing new strategies and figuring out what feels best for you and if it gets you the results you are looking for.

Monopoly is one of the first money games most of us play.  We decide if we want to run the board, passing go as many times as possible, or if we like owning the utilities or properties.

Each requires different things from us like making decisions on building houses and or apartments.

We may have been the banker and learned how to move money quickly as all the players moved around the board and let you know their needs.

If you enjoyed the game, it may have been one of the first places you began to look at real estate investing as a way of developing wealth.

Then as you master one game we know the importance of diversification so all of our eggs are not in one basket… which leads us again on the hunt for a new game that will be a good fit for us.

Over the years, I have found it to be very helpful learning from a system, a tool and or a mentor when stepping into new money games.  It helps to reduce costly errors, gives me a level of confidence to take action with and a safe place to ask clarifying questions.

One game I have typically stayed away from was the market.  That money game just seemed way too overwhelming to me and, quite frankly, I knew too many people who had lost their shirt playing the market.

Recently I learned of a new way to play that game. 

I have watched this company grow over the last few years by helping average people like you and I to win in the market.  I have personally met with the owner and heard his heart for making investing in the market easier for more people.

If the market is a place you would like to explore I invite you to do some homework and learn about iFlip, an AI technology that is truly disrupting Wall Street Investing by bringing technology to the market so individuals can benefit just as the institutions are in the market.  You can watch a complimentary training here and if you like what you see you can take next steps as you desire.

Whether you choose to take further steps or not, I do encourage you to watch the training simply to understand how the market game is changing.

As a lifelong learner I know the power of knowledge when it comes to success, especially in the money games!



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