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Did You Know

Did you know….

That most business owners earn $34,000 per year or less.

That only 5% of the population earns more than $100,000 per year.

That the typical lottery winner will lose all their winnings within 12 months.

Here’s why – we each have a personal relationship with money, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.  Depending on how healthy that relationship is will depend on how much money you make and then how much of that money you actually keep.

As with all relationships there are many moving parts – some work really well for us and some don’t.  Some we come by naturally and some we have picked up along the pathway of life.

If you are not aware of what your relationship is then you are most likely leaving thousands of dollars on the table every day.  Whether that be from lost earnings or whether that is from bleeding money once you have it, the bottom line is, it is no longer yours.

I would love to help you develop a relationship with money that empowers you to confidently make decisions that will allow you to build the business you truly want to build and create the life you truly want to live.

Are you ready?

Time isn’t going to stop.  Let’s make this year the year you make more money and keep healthy profits!  Schedule a time for a complimentary financial review now, Click Here

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