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Your Kids and Money

Your Kids and Money

The other day I was asked about good books for teaching kids about money.  It reminded me again about how valuable these lessons are for children. This Mom was providing her children with an amazing gift!

You see as adults most of our money issues stem from what we learned or didn’t learn as children.  Money is not taught in school so the only place left to learn about it is at home.

Our first lessons begin with our first allowance or a birthday gift.  We watch how our parents or respected loved ones handle money, even when they don’t talk about it, and then we implement.

Since money is such an emotional topic for most people it is often associated with negative emotions and therefore rarely talked about.  It is in the not talking that money can become this large unknown.

So give your children the gift of conversation when it comes to money.  I remember playing the game of monopoly, of course I loved being the banker, and that was one of my most regular lessons on money.

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