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Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Would you rather have your money work for you or the IRS?

This is the time of year when your actions can actually keep more money in your pocket!

How are you coming with your year end tax planning?  The planning actually lives in your numbers. Once we know where you are for this year and we understand your goals for next year, we can put strategies into place. These strategies will keep more money in your pocket, and put you on the best path to achieving your goals!

We are really excited about the new CPA we have on our team this year!  He is a specialist with entrepreneurs and follows the same wealth development philosophy we do!  Is your current team experienced with the write offs and entity structures for entrepreneur’s? Do they take the time to know your visions and goals so they are setting you up to win today for the goals of tomorrow?

As an entrepreneur it is our fiscal responsibility to know all the tax deductions available to us.

Do you want to learn the IRS tax code and evaluate the best strategies for your business? Or, would you rather have time to focus on your business and allow us to do the IRS leg work for you?

One of the reasons why the tax code is written as it is, is because the IRS knows that we can make a greater impact in the lives of our families and communities with a dollar in our pocket rather than a dollar in theirs!  

Curious about the investment to make a switch?  Send us your last filed tax return and barring any major changes we can let you know the investment to work with us!

Some of our clients have already benefited. Listen to what one client had to say, “By reviewing my last three years tax returns they were able to refile for a missed deduction and I received a $24,000 refund”.

If you are interested in seeing how much you can save, please click here to schedule a call.

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