August 7, 2014 Decision, Dreams, Mindset



Whatever it is that has you spinning is the very thing that will propel you forward.

For me that has been learning how to master my time management.

As a chronic “over-deliverer” who puts others needs before my own, what I created for myself was a calendar that was reactionary instead of driven by me as the CEO of my company.     The rationale felt good –  I was there to provide my clients with 110% of whatever they needed from me.  After all isn’t that what good customer service is all about?

What evolved over time was that I was working really long hours, doing things that I shouldn’t be doing in my company and burning out, feeling resentful that my time was not being valued.

So how did I move out of this.  It wasn’t pretty at first.

EVERYTHING you do needs to be allotted time on your calendar.  The To Do list should not exist and believe me I had a lot of them.  There were the post it notes in front of my key board, my day timer where projects just kept coming forward and then my email inbox!

I allowed my calendar to be booked with appointments for clients leaving all of the above to be “fit in” which typically was after hours and on the weekend.

No wonder I was exhausted.  The feeling of burden alone was exhausting.

So, how did I get out of it?

By drawing a line in the sand one day and refusing to tolerate living like this any longer.

The end result.  As my energy returned so did my creativity and my ability to be of better service.  You see I had to value my time first, then everyone else did too.

Hope this was helpful for you!

In Abundance



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