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Music is one of those things that touches our hearts in many different ways.  One form of music that I enjoy a lot is Jazz.  There is an emotional fullness to the sounds, while at the same time a playfulness to the tune.

Rhythm of course is a different issue, not one I am blessed with, but non the less when I listen to Jazz there is comfortable, peaceful feeling that I enjoy.

When I was younger I lived in Ontario, Canada, and we would go to a country pub on a Sunday afternoon and listen to Jazz jam sessions.  The sessions were held upstairs in a crowded room with all the windows open.  There were just rows of tables and you joined in where ever there was an open space.  Chatting with whomever you were with was easy because the music was the topic to connect on.

As I reminisce about these Sunday afternoons, I am reminded of how connected I felt to everyone in the room.  How inspired I felt by the music that was being sometimes created in the moment.  It was the connection, creativity, and inspiration that was truly joyful.

In business the times I feel most fulfilled are when I am connected to others.  When we are creating a plan with numbers that is inspired by hopes and dreams for the life my client wants to live and the business they want to create.  It is my desire that the process be a joyful one, where money becomes something that flows naturally like the jazz music on Sunday afternoon.

If money is a topic in your business or life that is not smooth let’s connect and see how we can change that for you.  Money is a tool to be used to make your life easier and more full.  Handling it on your own is the hard way.  Come and find a spot at my table and let’s talk!

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PS  Handling money can be as smooth as Jazz – Let’s connect for a complimentary strategy session and see how we can change that for you!

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