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It’s The Little Things

It’s The Little Things

When I started training for my first 1/2 marathon, I honestly did not think I would be in shape in five months to be able to do the race.  I had not been exercising regularly, and I was overweight… again.

AND guess what, I did it!  What an amazing sense of accomplishment, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.  For me, it was a process of taking care of me.  It happened by taking consistent steps every day.

The same can be true when it comes to creating financial freedom.

I know you have heard, “pay yourself first”, probably many times.  The question is, are you doing it and are you doing it consistently?   You see it is the little steps every day that give integrity to our thoughts.  Our thoughts are our hopes and dreams and desires.  Those desires are unique to each of us.

Honor your dreams by taking the consistent actions.  This is where there is a power that cannot be put into words.

If money  management is something that you struggle with start by paying yourself first every month.  The amount is not as important as the consistent action.  The consistent action is what will strengthen you in heart, mind and soul.

The 1/2 marathon was an incredible experience for me of what is truly possible when I commit myself to consistent daily action.  I wasn’t killing myself with hours at the gym every day or by pushing weights that were beyond my level of strength.  I was taking daily actions, which included rest, that were mapped out to increase my fitness from where I was starting.

Guess what you can do the same thing with money.

If you are telling yourself, “I will start when,” I am going to burst your bubble and challenge you to really be honest about how that is working for you.

Pick an amount to pay yourself before anything else every month.  Then just start and keep at it.  Let that money accumulate in a separate account that is just for you, just for your wealth creation.  Let me know how you feel once you get started.

It is that feeling that will free you up to take the actions in other areas of your life that will move you closer to your dreams, one step at a time.

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