October 26, 2015 Accounting, Archetypes, CFO Agency, Change, Dreams, Money

It’s the little things…

Have you ever noticed how everything in our lives because so intertwined? Interesting, isn’t it? That’s been on my mind a lot this week.It’s the little things…

When I think about time, it bring up money. Is there enough for the time? When I think about money, my mind ventures over to energy and how I’m using mine, and finally…. Is my energy enough to withhold my time? Exhausted yet?

I’ve realized that more often than not, we make decisions in one of these key areas without truly thinking about how it will impact the other two – and – if we are already diminished in one of the areas then the impact could be of huge impact to us.

In my many years of experience when the money becomes the main focus, we tend to spend our time and energy more intently and with more determination.  We are also less likely to invest in things that are not in within our goals or “on track” for us.

Too often however, when I see money pieces as a “want” or rather “wishful” thinking, the other goals become out of focus and life becomes chaotic.  Life tends to become a day in-day out struggle of working towards with no common goal, suffering from burnout and exhaustion, while hoping and praying that “someday” your ship will come in.

Have you heard that all to common quote, “people never plan to fail they simply fail to plan”.

Which one are you?

Now, don’t get me wrong, most of us can skate by for a little while thinking this doesn’t really apply to us but then something happens – either we burn out, become resentful OR we wake up and say, “wow – is this all there is?  Am I going to have enough time to truly make it or will I have to do this forever”?

Whatever it is, I know from experience that when you can make the decision make money your main focus you gain confidence knowing you are on track for whatever you desire – and life… is what you dreamed it could be, and is.

So, where is the best place to start?

The very first thing I have my clients do is write down everything you desire – and then put numbers to it.

It’s quite an eye opening exercise and the good news is once it is complete then you can create a plan!

It doesn’t matter where you are starting from you can create a plan to achieve what you desire.  And typically it’s the little things that are done day in and day out from where the greatest differences come.

I would love the opportunity to assist you in making the little changes in your life today for you enjoy the big changes to come in your life for years to come. I have the experience, and can provide the guidance in creating a plan that works for you – based on your goals, your desires and where you are right now – let’s talk and get you started!


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