January 22, 2016 CFO Agency

It’s tax time AGAIN

We’ve all heard it – there are only two things you can count on, taxes and death.  It’s interesting these two things are paired up.


What if tax time was smooth sailing?


Yes, there are always things to gather and forms to sign.


Yes, there is analysis to ensure you have taken advantage of all the deductions that are rightfully yours to take.


Yes, it’s important you have all of your ducks in a row to report correctly.


BUT what if you weren’t scrambling to gather the information?


What if this was simply an opportunity to do a “year in review”; a habit all financially successfulpeople do?  You see, we keep good numbers, not for tax time but for our own peace of mind and wealth development.  All of our clients – whether they are setup monthly, quarterly or annually – receive a review at year-end.  This becomes a time to celebrate, a time to course correct and atime to file taxes with ease.


Having accurate and timely numbers all year long helps you to stay connected to them.  What you focus on grows.  If profitability were your focus, it would grow; if income were your focus, it would grow; if assets were your focus, they would grow.  If having a smooth tax time was your focus it would happen.


We are here to help.  Whether it’s preparing W2 and 1099’s or reviewing your P&L and Balance Sheet before you file taxes, we can make sure you are not only on track, but on the right track. Maybe you have the proverbial shoe box of stuff; we can help with that, too.  We can meet you where you are and get you on the right track so this year’s filing will be a smooth process and you will be set up to win in 2016!


Let us know if we can help.


In Abundance,



PS  Dates to remember:

  • W2 and 1099 must be postmarked Jan 31st.
  • Jan 19th is the first day you can file your tax returns.


Filing an extension is easy and free – just check out IRS.GOV for your required form.



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