December 14, 2017 Taxes

It’s Not Too Late!

There are things you can still do before Dec 31 to ensure you keep more of the money you make!  January 1 is too late!

These last few weeks have been very creative with many of our clients.  We have been exploring the best strategy for them to take to ensure they do not pay too much in tax.

A number of you replied to last week’s letter with “Tell me more!”  and we were happy to share with you the steps you could take between now and the end of the year to make sure you save on your taxes too.

We have had some questions come back from those people and this biggest one has been why isn’t my CPA telling me these things?

I see a number of entrepreneurs working with CPA’s whose practice is mainly serving W2 wage earners.  The tax code is a monstrous document and changes every year!  It is really important that you work with a CPA who know’ s and understands the write-offs and strategies available to entrepreneurs. 

Your CPA’s main focus is to keep you in compliance with tax and unfortunately what that means for most entrepreneurs is that their answer is just pay your tax.

You might be saying to yourself I have been with my CPA for a really long time and I like him / her.  No worries, simply educate them on the things that are available to you.  There is a great book called “Save on Your Taxes Big Time”, written by Sandy Botkin.  It may help you to have some great conversations!

Enjoy and as always if you have more questions simply email and we are happy to answer them!





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